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Zip Dry

Zip Dry Zip Dry Zip Dry Zip Dry Zip Dry Zip Dry Zip Dry

About Zip Dry

Zip Dry is a premium paper glue with archival quality. It is acid and lignin free for scrapbooks, photo albums, cards, and more. This adhesive will never wrinkle, even tissue or vellum. Strong enough to bond metal, wire, glitter, beads, buttons and more.

Crystal Clear Adhesive Dries Crystal Clear Fast drying for fast results Easily removable when wet without leaving any residue. Acid Free Lignin Free Does Not Wrinkle Paper Archival Quality

To Increase Product Effectiveness. If product needs to be thined, use paint thinner. Add drop by drop, stirring, until desired consistency is achieved. To Remove: When wet, easily removable without leaving any residue.

Materials it bonds: Beads, Glitter, Metal finding, Paper, Paper Crafts, Photos, Small embellishments, Wire

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Zip Dry 59ml bottle