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Beacon 527

Beacon 527 Beacon 527 Beacon 527

About Beacon 527

Beacon 527 is a hard working multi-use glue for multiple applications. This adhesive is suitable for household, yard & home decor applications. It dries fast, clear, and is flexible. This strong formula is water proof and weather proof.

Quick grab for immediate hold, dries crystal clear, water proof, weather proof, UVA resistant, flexible and never brittle, shock resistant, does not foam, paintable flexible, never brittle.

Apply a thin layer of glue to one side of the material to be bonded and gently press both sides together to prevent oozing.

To Remove/Clean: Glue can be thinned and cleaned-up when wet with toluene (found in hardware stores).

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Beacon 527 5ml


Beacon 527 5ml


Beacon 527 5ml


Beacon 527 Glue Tube